What is First 5?

First 5 is a mobile device app developed by Proverbs 31 Ministries, designed to transform your time with God. First 5 was specifically designed to greet you with a short daily teaching in God’s Word before you get distracted by the daily pressures of the world. Our goal is to take you through an in-depth experience of the Bible. Our features include:

  • Teaching plans.
  • Bible.
  • Community.

Highlighting, notes, bookmarking and sharing.

What do I get every day?
  • Monday through Friday, there is a new daily teaching where we unpack the book(s) of the Bible we’re studying, discussing new passages of Scripture each day. 
  • Each Saturday, you will receive a weekend audio teaching (including a transcript) from one of our First 5 writers summarizing that week’s passages of Scripture.
  • More Moments are provided for you to go deeper into each day’s teaching beyond the “First 5” minutes. You have the option to read the More Moments right away or set a reminder to return when you have more time. Under “More Moments,” you will also see the Major Moment (main idea) for each day’s teaching.
  • My Moments allow you to add a short response into the “Add My Moment” box at the end of each day’s teaching. Here you can apply what you learned, and you can see your collection of responses by visiting the “My Moments” tab on your profile page.
Do I need to sign up for a First 5 study in the app?

You do NOT have to sign up for a study. You can just join us in the app each day.  (Download the app here and create an account.) Once you have downloaded the app, you can read the daily teachings of our current study or select a past plan under “Plans.” 

NEW: What is the difference between Foundations Week and when the official study begins?

Foundations Week provides an overview and covers different fundamental concepts of the biblical book we will be studying. Day 1 of the study will start immediately after Foundations Week, beginning with a teaching on the first verses of the book of the Bible we are studying.

What is the study guide, and do I need it to do the study in the app?

Our study guides help you understand the major themes and storylines that make the books of the Bible so unique. Study guides will equip you to cross-reference scriptures throughout the Bible, reflect on the daily passages and apply to your life what you have studied. The study guide for each First 5 study is completely optional and can be used in addition to the content in the First 5 app or as a standalone study guide.

Where can I purchase the study guide?

Study guides can be purchased from our P31 Online Bookstore. We offer printed and digital versions of each new study guide. Upon purchase, the printed study guide will be mailed to you; the digital study guide (PDF format) will be emailed to you immediately upon the completion of your purchase. 

Note: Digital study guides cannot be accessed using the First 5 app. They can be accessed through a PDF reader. Instructions on how to use your digital study guide can be found here. Some study guides are only available in digital format.

What devices support the First 5 app?

The First 5 app is compatible with mobile devices that support the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play (Android). iOS specs: Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Android specs: Requires Android 8.0 and up.

What if I don’t have a compatible device?

You can view all of the plans on our First 5 app website here.


How do I set up an individual plan?

Select the “Plans” button in the First 5 app and find the Bible study plan you’d like to start. Select the settings wheel in the upper right-hand corner and select “Update Group Settings.” You will then be able to select any plan you like.

Can I set a different plan to pop up instead of the current study on my homepage in the app?

The most recent day of our current study will always pop up on the main page of your app. At this time, the automatic setting cannot be changed. We apologize for any inconvenience.

How do I find My Plans?

From your home screen in the app, select “Plans,” scroll to “My Plans” and select “See All.”

What if I can’t keep up or have to start in the middle of a plan?

You will be able to follow along and/or catch up through the app or No matter where you jump in, you will be able to catch up and be a part of that study. Past studies will be archived in the app and available for you to read at your own pace.

Can I take notes directly in First 5?

Yes. You can select any portion of a First 5 teaching to add a note. You can also highlight, bookmark and share selected portions of the text. Review your notes and other activities in your Profile.

Can I print notes I’ve created outside of the app?

Yes. Highlights, bookmarks and notes can be exported from the First 5 app to your device for printing.

Can I share portions of a teaching with my First 5 group?

Yes. Select any portion of the daily teaching and use the “Share” feature to post to your First 5 group, or share the teaching excerpt outside of the app.

How do I find an old teaching?

You can find any of our First 5 daily teachings in the app by selecting the “Plans” button in the lower right-hand corner of the app. After you’ve selected this button, you will find all our teachings and be able to select any day’s teaching from any plan.

Are transcripts available for the audio teachings?

Yes. We do offer the transcripts for our audio teachings. You will find the link for each transcript under More Moments in the teaching.

How do I listen to the audio teaching?

You can listen to the Saturday audio teaching by opening the app on the Saturday when the teaching airs — or by selecting the specific audio teaching you would like to listen to in your plan. Then click on “Listen to this week’s teaching.”

Are the audio teachings available to download?

At this time, the teachings are only available to stream through the app.

Are the audio teachings accessible as a podcast?

No, they are not on any podcast platform. The audio teachings are unique teachings based on the Scripture covered that week and are exclusively available in the First 5 app.

Are the audio teachings accessible as a podcast?

No, they are not on any podcast platform. The audio teachings are unique teachings based on the Scripture covered that week and are exclusively available in the First 5 app.

Do I have to stay in the app to listen to the teaching?

Yes, you will need to stay in the app to listen to the teaching.

First 5 Community

How do I find friends in the First 5 app?
  1. Find friends in the app – Go to your Profile, select Friends and Find People. 
  2. Create or join a group – Go to your Groups tab. 
  3. Join the Facebook Community Group.
How can I engage with others in the app?

Connect with people all over the world who are also giving their First 5 minutes to God by commenting under each First 5 teaching. Comments are visible to everyone using the app and are a great way to engage with and learn from the First 5 community. Easily share the First 5 image and teaching by tapping the share icon located on the left of each image, at the bottom.

Can I contact a First 5 member privately?

No, we do not offer a private message feature. We support our F5 members and respect their privacy and have a commitment to privacy protection. We will not share a member’s personal information with another member.

What are the First 5 Groups in the app?

The First 5 Groups feature provides a more engaging community experience for our First 5 friends. This feature allows any participant to create their own public or private group to enhance their daily study and invite friends to join in the teaching discussions.  This feature is located under the “Groups” tab. Please note: Groups are not moderated or monitored by the First 5 team or volunteers. These groups are self-led by other First 5 friends.

How many people can join a group?

Group membership is capped at 50 members. Group members may leave a group at any time. If you are a group manager, you must appoint another member as manager before you can leave a group.

How do I create, join or leave a group?
  • To create or join a group, go to the “Groups” tab and select “Join” or “Create a New Group.” 
  • To leave a group, you will need to select the settings wheel in the upper left-hand corner and select “Leave Group.”
How do I invite someone to my group?

There are two ways to invite someone to join a First 5 group:

  • Option 1: Find friends that are already using First 5 with the “Find Friends” feature found within the Friends tab of your profile page.
  • Option 2: Send your unique group invite code to friends outside the app via email, SMS message or any other messaging system.
How do I update my notifications for a specific group?

Use the settings icon found in the top left corner of your group’s home page to turn the notifications for that group on or off.

Do I need to join a group to complete my daily teaching?

No, you do not need to be a group member to access or complete your daily First 5 teaching.

I am trying to search for an old group I used to be a part of, but it’s not showing up in the "Groups" list.

Groups that have not had any activity within the last 90 days are considered inactive. These groups will be hidden from the search list and will then be deleted at the discretion of the First 5 team.

  • We offer a Leader Guide resource that can be downloaded here.
  • Groups that have had no activity within the last 90 days will be considered inactive. Inactive groups will be hidden from the “Groups” search list and will then be deleted from the app at the discretion of the First 5 team.
  • First 5 groups are not led or monitored by Proverbs 31 Ministries staff members, volunteers or writers. Group comments, discussions and images posted within First 5 groups are not sponsored, administered or endorsed by First 5 or Proverbs 31 Ministries.
  • Moderation of group content will be the responsibility of the group managers. If you are a group manager, you can remove group members or delete group comments if needed. To become a group manager you must either be the group originator or be assigned to the role “group manager” by the group originator. There can be multiple group managers in each group.
  • If someone reports a comment or content posted within a private or public group, it can be subject to review and moderation by the First 5 team.

First 5 Notifications

How do I set up notifications in the app?

Go to your profile in the app and select “Account” to choose which notifications you want to enable. Select “Update Account” to save your settings.

Why aren’t my notifications showing up?

You will need to change the settings on your device. Go to your device settings, select the First 5 app, go to “Notifications,” and select “Allow Notifications.”

Can I control how the app notifies me when someone replies to a comment I’ve made or when someone tags me?

Yes, you can update your notification settings to have these turned on or off on your “Account” page within your profile. Select which notifications you would like to enable.

How do I update my notifications in a specific group?

Use the settings icon found in the top left corner of your group’s home page to turn the notifications for that group on or off.

Account Information

Why do I need an account?

An account is not required to read the Daily First 5 Teaching via the app; however, a number of additional features do require an account. You must have a profile to:

  • Leave comments.
  • Join a group.
  • Track plan progress.
  • Respond to My Moments.
  • Download our beautifully designed lock screens.
  • Add friends and tag friends.
If I forgot my password, how do I reset it?
  • Open the login screen.
  • Select “Forgot Password” and type in the email address used to create your account.
  • Select “Reset Password,” and an email with your temporary password will be sent to your email inbox. Use this temporary password to log back in to your account.
  • Log back in to your account using the temporary password; then go to your profile. 
  • Go to “Account” and type in your new password. 
  • Select “Update Account” to save your new password.
How do I change my password?

Go to your profile; then go to “Account” and type in your new password. Please make sure you select “Update Account” to save your new password.

How do I edit my personal information after creating a user account?

To edit your profile, you must be signed in to your account and follow these steps from the main menu:

  • Tap the “Profile” button in the navigation bar at the bottom of your screen.
  • Select the “Account” tab.
  • Make any desired edits, scroll, and select “Update Account.”
How do I log out of or delete my account?

To delete your account, please email us at [email protected].

General Information

What Bible translation is used? Will there be a way to switch translations?

The app utilizes the ESV translation by default, and we also offer five other translations: CSB, NASB, NLT, NIV and NKJV. To switch to a different translation, click on the Bible verse at the top of the screen, then click on the translation to select from the options. All verses quoted within First 5 teachings and study guides are quoted from the ESV translation, unless otherwise noted.

Is the content available in different languages?

At this time the content is currently only available in English. We are exploring the cost of providing additional languages in the future.

Who are the First 5 writers?

To learn more about our writers, check out their bios in the app or at

What if I don’t have a compatible device?

You can view all of the plans on our First 5 app website here.

Does First 5 have any volunteer opportunities?

Yes! We are so grateful that you would consider volunteering for First 5. Click here to learn more.

How can I support First 5 financially?

You can submit a donation by visiting our First 5 Give page.

Contact us

My question isn’t listed here. How can I find an answer?

You can contact us by filling out this form and we will be happy to assist you.