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First 5 is a daily bible study app brought to you by Proverbs 31 Ministries. First 5 was specifically designed to greet you with a short teaching in God’s Word each day, before you get distracted by social media and everything else screaming for your attention. It will equip you to better study and know the Word of God.


Our Current Study

Am I Doing This Right? How To Live Out Your Faith Through the Wisdom Found in James

A seven-week study starting April 8 in the free First 5 mobile app

You don’t have to carry the weight of doing everything perfectly.

Whether it’s a relational hardship, a financial decision, or simply wanting to know if our actions are honoring God, sometimes we just need affirmation that we are on the right path. Thankfully, the book of James is filled with practical daily directions that show us how to live a godly life without the pressure of feeling like everything depends on us.

If you find yourself growing weary in doing good works, wondering if your prayers are just hitting the ceiling, or sometimes questioning if living out your faith in Jesus is really worth it … this study is for you!

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Can I be Honest? Study Guide

Today’s Teaching

A Sacrificial To-Do List

Day: 30 | Plan: Weekend Teaching

Thanks for tuning in. Tap the button below to hear a teaching entitled "A Sacrificial To-Do List" from Lyli Dunbar and Wendy Blight.

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Has First 5 impacted your life?

One of the best parts about First 5 is hearing about the life change that takes place because of what God did in the lives of our readers. If you have a First 5 story to tell, we want to hear about it. Please share with us how God has worked in your life as a result of this ministry. We can’t wait to read your story.

First 5 Study guides


Do you have 15 minutes instead of 5 minutes for your quiet time? Study Guides are the First 5 app companion to take your daily bible study a little deeper. They include daily questions for each passage of Scripture, including reflection that applies to your life. Historical background and context to the culture are also included, with so much more.

Make it Count:

A Study of the Book of Deuteronomy

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The Hard and the Holy:

What the Book of Leviticus Means for Today

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How To Wrestle Well When You’re Worn Out in the Waiting

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How Then Can We Be Friends?

A Philippians Study Guide

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