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Numbers: How To Wrestle Well When You’re Worn Out in the Waiting

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The wait between the start of a journey and its promised end can be exhausting.

You’re waiting for healing. You’re waiting for a husband or for children. You’re waiting for a relationship to be restored or for your diligence at work to be rewarded. You’re tired of the difficulties you face as a Christian who’s been redeemed but is still waiting for heaven.

If you’re struggling to wrestle well in your wait, we think you’ll find encouragement and comfort in the book of Numbers. As we read about God’s care for the Israelites, we’ll learn about God’s care for us through His Son, Jesus Christ. We may be tempted to grumble, doubt and disobey, just as the Israelites did, but God has given us the mercy and grace we need to get through what we are facing.

God will not withhold anything we need as we find ourselves waiting in this wilderness.

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Today’s Teaching

Chosen To Bear Fruit

Denise Pass

Day: 21 | Plan: Numbers 2022

Today's Reading: Numbers 17

Numbers 17:5 (ESV) "And the staff of the man whom I choose shall sprout. Thus I will make to cease from me the grumblings of the people of Israel, which they grumble against you."

My sweaty palms gave away my anxious heart. It was recess time at school, and two team captains were picking their teams. The wannabes were all lined up, desperate to be picked and vocal about it. How much I wanted to be chosen, ...
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