A Confident Hope

Krista Williams

Day: 19 | Plan: Suffering and Sovereignty

Today’s Reading: Job 19

Job 19:25-26 (NIV) “I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth. And after my skin has been destroyed, yet in my flesh I will see God.”

Let’s recap for just a moment what has happened in Job’s life. Job lost his possessions, livelihood and income. Immediately after that, Job loses his family and his health. Then his friends come to bring him comfort, but judge him and blame him for the calamity he’s endured.

Some time has elapsed since the devastating waves of loss have hit Job’s life. The shock is probably starting to wear off, but his grief and anguish are not subsiding. His friends have remained, determined to see Job confess. In the midst of all of this, Job recites a refrain that is chillingly prophetic and hopeful.

Job believes, perhaps because of all he’s endured, that there must be more to our existence than what we see, feel, possess or experience. His hope isn’t that God would restore what has been taken. Job isn’t hopeful that he’ll one day have more children. He doesn’t ask to be re-established among his peers.

The deepest longing of Job’s heart is to stand before the God he worships and adores, and he knows he will.

Job’s hope is in God alone, and his faith-fueled confidence is so resolute that he is prepared to see this suffering end, even in death. Job confesses that no one can clear him or stop his calamity except God, his redeemer. And his desire is to see his vindicator face to face.

Job is completely ready to meet his God, and somehow he glimpses there will be justice in the end.

Even when life feels the darkest and the places of crisis seem like a deep pit, our desperation cries out. But in the midst of despair, there is hope and Job sees it through eyes of faith. Like the faintest flicker of a candle in the dark of night, Job confidently expresses that, even if he dies, he will still have a redeemer who one day will exercise judgment on the earth. (Job 19:25-26; Job 19:29)

The Hebrew word for redeemer used here describes the action that would have been taken to vindicate an unjustly-wronged individual. In the Old Testament, a redeemer stood up for that person and defended their cause when they couldn’t stand for themselves. A redeemer took on the role of an advocate or champion for the suffering person to clear them of any wrong.

Without a doubt, Job knows he has a redeemer who will rescue, comfort and vindicate him. And because Job’s redeemer lives, Job knows he will live again — even if it means after life on this earth is done. That is the hope of the resurrection.

Job unknowingly points us to Jesus and His work on our behalf as our redeemer. Jesus makes hope possible in the midst of our deep anguish and pain. He is our advocate and champion in the midst of unjust suffering. Jesus is our rescuer, our hope of resurrection and our life. Jesus is alive, and one day He will vindicate every believer and declare him or her justified from all sin.

It’s like a salve to my soul to know with absolute certainty that when it’s all said and done I will see Jesus and He will right every wrong. I know my redeemer lives and I will stand justified and vindicated before Him by God’s grace. Is this your hope too? Hold tight to Jesus and to the hope we have in Him.

Prayer: Lord God, You are my strength and my rescue. I take refuge in Your unfailing goodness and love. Send forth Your light and Your truth and let them lead me. Fill my heart with deep, abiding hope as I put my trust in You. In Jesus' name, amen.

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