Our Faithful Savior

Alexandra Hoover

Day: 22 | Plan: Return to Refuge

Today's Reading: Zechariah 10

Zechariah 10:6 (ESV) "I will strengthen the house of Judah, and I will save the house of Joseph. I will bring them back because I have compassion on them, and they shall be as though I had not rejected them, for I am the LORD their God and I will answer them."

We all love a promise of blessing and victory. Hopeful promises remind us of new things to come. But at times, those promises of hope and victory seem too far-fetched because of our current circumstances. Thankfully, God's promises aren't shaken by our wandering hearts or our beliefs. His promise to care for us will always stand true.

We see promise and God's sovereign hand clearly in Zechariah 10. The remnant was few in number, and their surroundings were hostile and filled with tension. As they listened to promises about restoration and redemption, there must have been doubt. Sometimes when we're in the depths of our own pain, suffering and struggle, it's hard to remember and look to God for His love and promises.

However, Zechariah 10 gives us such deep hope. It starts off with a bold reminder that if we ask God for rain, He will bring it for His glory. God wanted them to know He was still their God, caring for them and providing for their needs.

Rain in a dry land is a God-given blessing that is in stark comparison to the false blessings the Israelites had sought. They had chosen the "false dreams" with "empty consolation" the fake prophets had promised. (Zechariah 10:2) Instead of resting in God's blessings, they reached and hoped for blessings from their false idols.

So God reminds them and us that those earthly idols, the things that seem better and more pleasing, are not. The things that we seek for momentary comfort will never meet the needs of our hearts. In fact, they will leave us wandering like sheep in lack of a caring shepherd. (Zechariah 10:2)

Friends, God sees the despair of His lost sheep, but just as John 10:11 tells us, He is our Good Shepherd: "I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep." God will not leave us lost and alone. God will leave the 99 to find the one. He will fight for us. He always has and always will.

This passage provides a beautiful picture of God caring for His children by going before them and after them. A constant love. He reminds them He will restore, not just by regathering them, but restoring their lost souls. Strengthening them in the fight and renewing their weary hearts. God did all this because of His compassion for them, not because of anything they had or hadn't done. God will bring restoration and redemption, because of His love for us and the covenant with His family. (Zechariah 10: 6-8)

We end Zechariah 10 with God's reminder of who He is — a just God who will care for His people, bring justice and redeem them all at the same time. And we are once again reminded that His love and faithfulness isn't based on our wins or failures but on His mighty love and mercy. This message surely leaves us with a refreshed spirit and heart. We have a heavenly Father who has been comforting and fighting for us from the very beginning of time. We can rest assured that strength and security are always found in Him. (Zechariah 10:12)

Prayer: Father, thank You for Your loving kindness toward us, and the gift of kingdom hope. Thank You for Your sacrificial love that is poured out to us every day of our lives, even amid our rejection. Thank you that Your promises for restoration and redemption aren't based on our performance, but based solely on Your compassion and mercy for us. Lord, help us to remember that You are who You say You are, in all areas of our lives. In Jesus name, amen.

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