This Changes Everything

Whitney Capps

Day: 39 | Plan: Matthew

Today's Reading: Matthew 28:1-15

Matthew 28:6 (NIV) “He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.”

This simple sentence changed all of human history. In this brief exchange, the angel answers their unspoken questions about their beloved Jesus.

“He is not here.” The women went to the tomb probably to finish the work of caring for His body. Like those who grieve, they wanted to be near Him. Have a few more precious moments to mourn. But the angel arrests their plans because “he is not here.”

“He has risen.” Jesus isn’t dead. Jesus isn’t a spirit. Jesus was dead. His body was buried. For three long days they mourned. But now He has risen. His breathless lungs have been filled with air. His heart now beats victoriously. His lifeless body has been resurrected. His pierced feet now walk the clay of earth.

“Just as he said.” As if the resurrection isn’t miraculous enough, Jesus had predicted all of this before His death. He had told His followers that He would be raised from the dead. In John 10:18, Jesus said He had authority to lay His life down and take it up again.

Jesus attested to His divinity before His death. The miraculous resurrection proves it still. But Jesus wasn’t a passive agent in all that happened. With His authority, He laid His life down and raised it up again.

The cross is often the focal point of our faith. We wear it on our necklaces or ink it on our bodies. It adorns the front of our Bibles and the back of our cars. It is the pivotal work of Jesus no doubt, but without the resurrection, His death is meaningless. The empty tomb is equally important.

Why? Because Jesus said He was God. Because Jesus said He would be raised again. Because Jesus promised to defeat death.

The angel said it. The women shared it. I believe it. Do you?

Prayer: Father, I thank You that Jesus is alive and the tomb is empty. You set that plan in motion and brought it to glorious completion to radically save and perfectly restore me.  You sent Your only Son to pay for my sin. You are indeed rich in mercy. I will forever praise You for Your mercy and grace toward me. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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