He Opens Our Minds

Krista Williams

Day: 35 | Plan: Luke

Today’s Reading: Luke 24:36-53

Luke 24:45 (NIV) “Then he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures.”

School was never a breeze for me. I have a mild form of dyslexia, a disorder in the way my brain processes certain letters and words. I had to work a bit harder and maybe a bit more slowly than my fellow students. When God called me to teach His Word to other women, I was concerned. What if I struggled to understand or see the connections in Scripture?

Have you ever struggled to see the connections in Scripture, understand exactly what a passage was saying or worried that you just didn’t “get it”? Honestly, whether you were the valedictorian or a slow and steady student like me, the words of Jesus can seem shrouded in mystery or confusion.

In Luke 24, we discover that the disciples had similar struggles. Does that bring you comfort? Word was spreading about news of Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. Various accounts of interactions with angels and the risen Savior had been shared with the remaining 11 disciples and the others who gathered together in Jerusalem. (Judas is no longer included and has not yet been replaced.)

I love that Luke records that the disciples felt all kinds of emotions as they tried to process what they had heard with what they were seeing. We are told they experienced fright, fear, doubt, amazement and joy. This might be a good reminder for us that our emotions can often cloud a clear understanding. Emotions have their place certainly. But Luke 24:41 tells us the disciples were still disbelieving because of joy. This is one of those “this is too good to be true” moments of life. They are filled with total disbelief and at that moment their emotions hindered their faith. Sometimes we can have an emotional response and still not have faith.

So if our emotions can interfere with our understanding, and if the disciples who walked with Jesus and heard Him teach about the coming resurrection were still confused, what hope do you and I have in unraveling the mysteries of Scripture?

Jesus, through the person and the power of the Holy Spirit, works in the minds of men and women and children. The Holy Spirit makes everything Jesus did for us real in our lives. He is our Helper. (John 14:16) He is our counselor. He opens our hearts and minds so we can recognize Jesus and truly comprehend God’s Word. And He helps us remember too! (John 14:26)

We all need Christ, by His Spirit, to open our hearts and minds to give us spiritual understanding. 

Prayer: Father, I confess Your ways are higher than my ways, and Your wisdom is too wonderful for me. And yet by the power of the Holy Spirit, You choose to make the truth of Christ and the mystery of Your Word known to me. Thank You that those who receive Christ have the power of the Helper, the Holy Spirit, within us. Thank You that Your Spirit leads and guides us into all truth. Holy Spirit, open my mind even more today and deepen my spiritual understanding of Jesus and His Word. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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