Promised Rest

Wendy Pope

Day: 14 | Plan: Leviticus-Hebrews

Today's Reading: Hebrews 4

Hebrews 4:3a (NIV) “Now we who have believed enter that rest.”

Ahhh. Rest. Do you inhale and exhale at the sound of that word? Does a picture of a sandy shoreline and thought of cool breeze overtake you? Maybe a fireside seat and your favorite hot drink take you to a place of rest. No peaceful picture your mind can conjure up can compare to the rest the writer of Hebrews is speaking of. Oh the glorious bliss that comes to mind just thinking about His rest.

Rest is the Greek word katapausis. Literally, it means putting to rest and is likened to the calming of the wind. Metaphorically, it paints the picture of all His promises coming true for all the believers who have persevered through the trials and toils of life on earth. It’s our final destination, what we who have believed have waited for. My Bible dictionary calls it “heavenly blessedness.” Now that deserves an ahhh and a deep inhale and exhale, doesn’t it?

My mind quickly jumped from the word rest to unrest. This portion of Hebrews 4 is promised to those who have believed. But what about those who haven’t believed? The opposite would be true, right?

I’m not trying to be Debby Downer and rip the blissful thoughts of eternity from your mind’s grip. I want us to be aware that the reality of unrest for the unbeliever is as real as the actuality of the rest for the believer.  Therefore, our hearts should be in state of urgency for those who haven’t yet believed. Pray for them. Tell them of Jesus’ love. Demonstrate grace while presenting the gospel message with our lives.

While we want to whimsically run through the daisies captured by the thoughts of our heavenly blessedness, let’s be motivated to pray for those who haven’t made the decision to spend eternity enjoying God’s promised rest.

Prayer: Lord, I am so thankful for the eternity of rest that is waiting for me. The thought gives me great hope to persevere through the troubles of the world. Point me to someone whose future is one of unrest. Holy Spirit, spur me to pray for and reach out to them with the hope of heavenly rest. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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