Our Promise-Keeping God

Lysa TerKeurst

Day: 21 | Plan: Joshua-Judges

Today's Reading: Joshua 21

Joshua 21:43 (NIV) So the LORD gave Israel all the land he had sworn to give their ancestors, and they took possession of it and settled there."

The last few verses of today’s passage feel like they deserve a celebration, don’t they? Like we should throw some confetti and dance a dance of joy.

Because God didn’t just “kind of” show up for the people of Israel. He did every single thing He said He would do.

The land He promised? It was now theirs. He gave it to them. The enemies who tried to stand against them? God delivered them into Israel’s hand.

All the good things God had promised? They all came to pass.

So when we see the Israelites at the end of Joshua 21, all of the land has been divided among them and they have rest and victory on every side.

And while we could close our Bibles right now with a satisfied sigh and go on about our day, I feel the tug to stop. To ask God to help us unwrap the deep hope He has tucked into this passage.

When we think back over the whole of the children of Israel’s journey—from their deliverance from Egyptian slavery to their arrival 40 years later in this Promised Land—we have to know there were times when they wondered if this day would ever come. If they would ever find rest. If they would ever see the goodness God had promised them.

There even had to be moments when they seriously wondered if they had misheard God or maybe missed Him altogether.

The journey to the Promised Land was by no means an easy one. It was a long and difficult road paved with tragedy and turmoil. It was filled with overwhelming obstacles that seemed to shout, “Your God’s not for you. Just look around you! This sure doesn’t look like the road to fulfilled promises to me.” 

Maybe you’re in a place like that right now. You’re trying to cling to the promises of God and keep moving forward in faith, but difficult circumstances are shouting oh so loudly in your ear. Daring you to doubt the goodness of God. Inviting you to label Him forgetful or even unfair. Tempting you to panic and give up hope.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all walked through seasons where our circumstances don’t seem to line up with God’s promises. But just because they don’t line up doesn’t mean God isn’t going to show up.

That’s why I love seeing the complete and total faithfulness of God in today’s passage. Even though it may have appeared at times to the children of Israel that God wasn’t going to come through on any of His promises, Joshua 21:43-45 tells us God came through on all of them.

He gave the Israelites all of the land. He gave them rest all around. He gave all of their enemies into their hands. And He fulfilled all of His promises. Every. Single. One.

Our God is a God of completion. He makes promises and then He fulfills them. (Hebrews 10:23) Yes, the journey may be harder than we expected. The road to our promise may not look anything like we thought it would. But we can rest assured there is never a question of whether or not our God will be faithful.  

I don’t know what difficulties you are facing right now, sweet friend. But I do know that we cannot let the difficulty of our circumstances define the faithfulness of our God.

We can trust Him. Even when the road gets hard. Even when life takes unexpected twists and turns. Our God is a promise-keeping God.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for reminding me today of exactly who You are—a loving and faithful God. I know how prone I am to panic when I forget Your promises. Especially when I’m in the midst of painful and difficult circumstances. So I’m asking You to help me keep Your promises ever before me. And help me remember that You will fulfill every single one. You are the faithful One. You are the sure One. And I can safely place all of my hope in You. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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