Praying God-Sized Prayers

Wendy Blight

Day: 10 | Plan: Joshua-Judges

Today's Reading: Joshua 10

Joshua 10:12 (NIV) On the day the LORD gave the Amorites over to Israel, Joshua said to the LORD in the presence of Israel: ‘Sun, stand still over Gibeon, and you, moon, over the Valley of Aijalon.’”

Have you ever asked God for the impossible? Joshua did.

In the midst of battle, Joshua asked God to intervene and do the impossible … the inconceivable. Travel back with me to the day Joshua uttered this prayer. A peace treaty entered between Joshua and the Gibeonites (Joshua 9) led to today’s battle. The treaty greatly alarmed the king of Jerusalem so much that he conspired with four other Amorite kings to destroy Gibeon.

The Gibeonites sent word to Joshua to fight for them. Joshua immediately mobilized his forces and prepared them for the treacherous 15-mile uphill climb that lay ahead. They marched all night to ensure a sneak attack.

On the way, the Lord reminded Joshua of His presence: “Do not be afraid of them; I have given them into your hand” (Joshua 10:8). Joshua 10:10 tells us that upon Joshua’s arrival, “The LORD threw [the enemy] into confusion.” Some of the Amorites died fighting while others turned and ran in fear.

God didn’t stop there. He followed those who ran and cast down large hailstones from heaven, perfectly aimed and perfectly timed, to annihilate the enemy.

During the battle, Joshua knew he needed more daylight to fulfill God’s promised victory. So, in the middle of the day he offered a bold and audacious prayer, “Sun, stand still over Gibeon, and you, moon, over the Valley of Aijalon” (Joshua 10:12). God not only heard Joshua’s prayer, He answered it, delaying the setting of the sun for a full day.

In response to Joshua’s unwavering trust and God-sized prayer, God arrested the movement of the sun. Friend, our God is the God of the impossible. He is all authority in heaven and on earth. God can suspend the laws of nature because He is the one who put them into place.

Many try to rationalize or explain away this miracle. But they forget it’s a miracle. The dictionary defines a miracle as “an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.”

Scripture says of God: Ah, Sovereign LORD, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you” (Jeremiah 32:17).

Prayer is a powerful privilege because it’s the arena where our faith intersects with God’s abilities. We pray in the natural, trusting God for the supernatural. We pray standing on what we believe about God, not simply on facts we know about God. This believing, this trusting, comes when our head knowledge travels to our heart and moves us to believe in God as our Creator and our Father who knows us and loves us deeply.

It’s believing so strongly in who God says He is that we will commit our lives to Him and believe Him for even the impossible.

What is your God-sized prayer? Will you believe with me today we have a God who can do the impossible?

Prayer: Heavenly Father, fan the flames of my faith to greater heights so that I, like Joshua, can experience the God of the impossible! In Jesus’ name, amen.

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