Caught In the Act

Wendy Pope

Day: 10 | Plan: John

Today's Reading: John 8

John 8:3b (NIV) "They made her stand before the group."

In our media driven, instant message society, news stretches from continent to continent faster than we can read the words in this sentence. Our actions, good and bad, are known instantly.

Jesus was teaching and was interrupted with some instant news, hot-off-the press of The Jerusalem Chronicles: She was caught in the act of adultery. Not only was the woman caught in the act of her private sin, but she was being publicly shamed. Her accusers stood, poised with stones ready to convict and execute punishment at Jesus' word. Much to their surprise Jesus didn't use any words. He knelt before them and wrote in the sand.

Every day we are given countless opportunities to condemn, convict and execute judgment in the town square. Accusers bring private news to the public forums of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Without pause, we grab our stones and respond exactly like the Pharisees, when instead we should respond like Jesus.

Did you notice Jesus only spoke after the accusers fled the scene? He didn't condemn or shame the woman. He simply said in love, " Go now and leave your life of sin." (John 8:11)

Today, in the sand of social media, let's write love rather than condemnation. Let's offer grace in the place of judgment and be poised with the Word rather than stones.

Prayer: Lord, prompt my spirit to pause before I respond to hot-off-the-press news. Equip me with a proper response. In Jesus' name, amen.

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