God’s Promise to Abram

Krista Williams

Day: 15 | Plan: Genesis

Today's Reading: Genesis 15

Genesis 15:18 (NIV) “On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram and said, ‘To your descendants I give this land …’”

In Genesis 14 Abram was a warrior. He was “large and in charge.” He had taken on four undefeated kings to rescue his nephew Lot, and he won! Through it all, he remained faithful to God and refused any worldly rewards.

As Abram sat alone after this huge success, fear, discouragement and doubt began to creep in.

That’s when God graciously reassured him. God promised to shield, reward and grant Abram a son as well as innumerable descendants. God also promised Abram's descendants would possess the Promised Land.

Abram believed God, and God counted him righteous. It is trusting in God’s promise that leads us to righteousness.

Then God instructed Abram to get everything ready so He could “cut a covenant” with him to confirm His promise.

“Cutting a Covenant” was a solemn binding agreement, like signing a legal contract. When entering a covenant during Abram’s time, both parties would walk between the divided pieces of a dead animal and repeat the terms of the covenant. They did this to signify that if one of the parties broke the covenant, the other person could do the same thing to them.

Abram obeyed God and got everything ready for the ceremony. He waited and protected the dead animal, knowing it would soon be the sacrifice. When Abram fell into a deep sleep, God spoke to him.

God made it clear Abram’s descendants would be enslaved and mistreated for 400 years, but God would punish their persecutors and bring them out with great wealth. Then they would possess the Promised Land.

This covenant was made and confirmed by God alone. He was the only one who passed through the pieces. Abram was asleep! A smoking firepot and a blazing torch passing between the pieces symbolized God’s presence.

Like the promise to Noah, it was an unconditional, eternal promise. God’s promises are always eternal. They are unchangeable. When God says He will do a thing, He does not change His mind. He will emphatically, without a doubt, make good on His Word.

This covenant could not fail because God cannot fail.

Prayer: Dear God, thank You that You never fail, and Your promises never change! Thank You that You always make good on Your promises because You are supremely trustworthy! In Jesus’ name, amen.

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