More Moments About Psalm 144

Titania Paige

In Psalm 144:1-2, David describes the Lord's power, protection and providence — God's authority over all that happens in our lives — using wartime language.

David describes God as:

  •  The One who trains his hands for war. (Psalm 144:1)
  • The fortress he enters for refuge. (Psalm 144:2)
  • The conqueror that subdues people under David. (Psalm 144:2)

Though as king of Israel, David would lead the nation in battle, he recognized that God was ultimately responsible for the nation's victory. (Psalm 144:9-10) As you face your own battles, or overwhelming situations you must lead the charge against, remember to be faithful to give your best effort, but surrender the results to God.

When we trust that God will prepare us for the fight and ultimately give us the victory, we can have peace in every circumstance — even when things don't go as we planned.

Major Moment: David looks to the Lord to bring victory in battle.

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