Who Are You Trusting?

Marissa Henley

Day: 41 | Plan: Even If

Today's Reading: Psalm 115

Psalm 115:11 (ESV) "You who fear the LORD, trust in the LORD! He is their help and their shield."

On a spring morning during my senior year of college, I wept in my professor's office as the identity I spent my life building tumbled to the floor. I'd always been a star student, but my senior research project didn't go as planned. I wouldn't graduate with honors, and I was crushed.

The pain of that moment remains poignant two decades later because I still struggle with making idols of my reputation, my accomplishments and my gifts. But God's Word shows us the truth about these shaky foundations. In Psalm 115, we see the danger of trusting what our hands have made rather than trusting the Lord who made us.

First, the psalmist compares senseless idols with the sovereign King. (Psalm 115:1-8) God resides in the heavens, ruling from His throne and doing whatever pleases Him. (Psalm 115:3; Psalm 11:4) In contrast, human-made statues are worthless and cannot even make a sound. (Psalm 115:4-7) Idols that people carry on their shoulders can't compare to the God who carries His people through their troubles. (Isaiah 46:4-7) Those who trust these idols become like them — lifeless and powerless. (Psalm 115:8)

The same is true of us when we trust in the work of our hands. We may be tempted to find security in our reputation, appearance, finances, performance, social media platform or premier parenting skills. But none of the idols of our hearts have the saving power of our King. Why do we settle for worshipping impotent idols rather than the omnipotent God? Our false sources of hope will never satisfy us.

Next, the psalmist exhorts us to trust the Lord. (Psalm 115:9-11) We have a choice: We can be blinded by trusting lifeless idols or blessed by trusting the living God. The psalmist repeats three times that the Lord is " … their help and their shield" (Psalm 115:9-11). He doesn't want us to miss this important truth: Only the Lord delivers and protects.

When we trust in what we've built to deliver and protect us, we glorify ourselves. We exalt ourselves and proclaim our own worth.

When we trust in the Lord as our help and shield, we give glory to His name for His love and faithfulness. (Psalm 115:1) We exalt Him and proclaim Him as the One worthy of praise.

Finally, the psalmist looks expectantly to the future blessing of the Lord. (Psalm 115:12-18) Thousands of years later, we know that God blessed His people by taking on flesh and dwelling among them. (John 1:14) The mouth of the Lord Jesus Christ spoke words of truth. His eyes saw those who were suffering. His hands healed. His feet walked the road to the cross where He gave His body and blood to save us.

Because God has remembered His promises to us and blessed us with every spiritual blessing in Christ, (Psalm 115:12; Ephesians 1:3-14) we will not "go down into silence" (Psalm 115:17). One day, the redeemed will completely and conclusively cast aside the idols we are tempted to trust. We will rejoice in the Lord and give Him the glory forever and ever. (Psalm 115:18; Revelation 19:6-9)

Prayer: Living God, thank You for being my daily help and shield and for giving me countless blessings in Jesus. By the power of the Holy Spirit, turn my heart from chasing human-made idols, and fix my focus on bringing glory to Your name. In Jesus' name, amen.

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