The Call of the Church for the Poor

Wendy Pope

Day: 24 | Plan: Deuteronomy

Today's Reading: Deuteronomy 24

Deuteronomy 24:19 (NIV) “When you are harvesting in your field and you overlook a sheaf, do not go back to get it. Leave it for the foreigner, the fatherless and the widow, so that the LORD your God may bless you in all the work of your hands.”

Poverty is timeless and without borders.

Poverty doesn’t discriminate.

Poverty is not overlooked by God.

In Deuteronomy 24, Moses addresses the perpetual plight of the poor. There have always been poor among God’s people, while they wandered in the desert and in the Promised Land. God expected His people to provide for the needs of the poor and just in case they didn’t know how, He gave detailed instructions. (Leviticus 19:9-10; 23:22)

When harvest time rolled around, the farmer and field hands were commanded not to collect what had fallen to the ground or been missed during the harvest, leaving it for others. This plan allowed the poor to be active in providing for their own needs while maintaining dignity.

I’ve spent very little time in the fields. But the principle of sharing what we have with others still applies. God still expects His people to share with and care for the poverty-stricken.

I often wonder, “How do we know when to help? How will we know what to give?” Maybe you do too. It really isn’t a mystery. The Holy Spirit is our translator. When God desires our intervention on behalf of someone, our heart will know. Perhaps we feel a little extra pounding in our heart or our mind instantly knows of ways we can help. Yes, poverty is timeless and it doesn’t discriminate but is to be abetted by God’s people.

Prayer: Lord, I am so thankful for how Your sovereign hand has provided everything I have ever needed. I am blessed and desire to be a blessing to others. Give me Your eyes to see the needs around me. Move my heart to step out of my comfort zone and across barriers of any kind to show the love of Jesus to the poor. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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