A Divine Cameo

Whitney Capps

Day: 7 | Plan: Covenant

Today’s Reading: Esther 2

Esther 2:7 (NIV) “Mordecai had a cousin named Hadassah, whom he had brought up because she had neither father nor mother. This young woman, who was also known as Esther, had a lovely figure and was beautiful. Mordecai had taken her as his own daughter when her father and mother died.” 

When the new Star Wars movie “Rogue One” was released this past year, all the buzz was regarding the surprise appearance of Luke in the film. Until the release it wasn’t clear where or to what degree he would impact the story. As it turns out, Luke didn’t show up until the final minutes, but the true Star Wars fans had been looking for him in every scene. This cinematic device, when a renowned individual makes an uncredited appearance, is called a “cameo.”

Unlike a one-time appearance, as you read the story of Esther, look for God in every scene. He is never mentioned, but His presence in the story of Esther is unmistakable. Unlike Luke Skywalker, He isn’t hidden, hard to find or waiting until the end to make Himself known. In fact, the conclusion is even more satisfying when you watch for Him from beginning to end. 

As we read in Esther 1, God is already at work in the pagan nation of Persia. Even those that oppose or reject God are not outside of His control. (Job 12:23) God has removed Vashti from Xerxes’ court. But God’s sovereign hand did not begin with this story of the Persian king and queen. God is and has always been at work, orchestrating all of history to work together to accomplish His purposes. This is what it means for God to be sovereign. And He began weaving this part of the story years earlier when the Jews were conquered and taken as exiles into Babylon.

Look at the circumstances of Esther’s life that God uses to bring her to this point:

God permits Esther’s ancestors to be carried into captivity in Babylon. (Esther 2:6)

God trusted Esther’s care to Mordecai after the death of her parents. (Esther 2:7)

God allows Esther to be selected among the virgins to serve the king. (Esther 2:8)

God sets Xerxes’ favor and affection on Esther. (Esther 2:17)

God positions Mordecai to learn of the plot against the king. (Esther 2:22) 

No part of Esther’s story is luck or chance. We could read Esther’s story and see the narrative carried along by luck or chance. Oh, but friend, the story is incomplete if God is not there! If He is not given the credit for what He alone accomplished, we miss the big picture! Throughout Esther’s life God is there making His divine cameo, using every circumstance to tell the glorious story of the redemption of His people.

Prayer: Dear God, no story conceived by men compares to the divine narrative You have written! The story of how You chose, preserved and saved Your people is simply breathtaking. I don’t want to miss any detail! Help me to see You on every page. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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