Passion God’s Way

Krista Williams

Day: 25 | Plan: Covenant

Today’s Reading: Song of Songs 8 

Song of Songs 8:4 (NIV) “Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.”

We live in a world where lust and love are set against each other. It seems like lust and impure passion are running rampant and winning. All the while, real biblical intimacy, purity and pure passionate love between a husband and wife are finishing last.

On a daily basis, our minds are bombarded with the promotion of impure passion and our eyes are tantalized with flesh-filled images. The world holds the megaphone in our culture and it is shouting lies straight into our lives. The Internet, television, entertainment, social media, political correctness, fashion trends and the opinions of our peers are continually shaping our thinking about passion and purity. 

What if you and I allowed the truth of God’s Word to speak to our hearts and reshape our thinking about passion and purity? 

What if we began to weigh the truth of God’s Word against the messages of our culture?

Song of Songs is a beautiful book that from the first chapter to the last extols the beauty of sex in its ideal form. It describes the intended splendor and the unique intimacy God designed and intended for the marriage relationship. It gives us a divine perspective on passion and promotes purity.

And over and over again it cautions us not to arouse or awaken love until the proper time — in other words, save yourself for marriage. (Song of Songs 2:7; Song of Songs 3:5; Song of Songs 8:4)

Did you notice as intimate as the bride and bridegroom are in Song of Songs that the daughters of Jerusalem (her friends) seem to hover over every scene? Why are they there? 

Her friends are there to learn about love and to see a real-life example of how true love waits for marriage to unlock their God-given passion for each other. They are watching and will most likely emulate what they see, just as the younger women and girls in this generation take note of how older women conduct themselves and act accordingly. 

Her friends are also her bridesmaids. Their role is to be official witnesses to the couple’s love and marriage, which in turn would allow them to fully know the bride and the groom. Hopefully, when times get tough, they will come alongside this couple to support them and do all they can do to help strengthen this couple’s marriage.

But there is another reason for their presence. For God’s people, sexual purity is something to be cherished and protected. A person’s family and friends are given a godly charge to share in the responsibility to wisely guide, teach, protect and provide positive peer pressure to help encourage a young couple to remain pure until they marry.

In many ways, we see the opposite today. So much around us encourages and celebrates promiscuity and promotes premarital sex. Many do not have anyone in their life challenging and supporting their efforts to stay pure until marriage or even after marriage. (Hebrews 13:4)

Sex is God’s idea and a beautiful gift from God to be preserved and protected until the proper time when it is to be enjoyed between a husband and wife. God-given boundaries are for our good and society’s good. Any short-term surrender to temptation this world offers is no substitute for the completeness, splendor, pure satisfaction and peace of God’s biblical plan for marriage. 

Whether married or single, young or old, male or female: Purity — doing passion God’s way — brings peace.

At the end of Song of Songs the young bride, who guarded her purity like a wall, charges her friends to wait. “Daughters of Jerusalem, I charge you: Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires” (Song of Songs 8:4).

She is telling them it’s worth the wait. She waited, and now she fully understands how beautiful it is to bring the gift of purity to a marriage. She wants her friends and the younger generation to know and share the joy, the beauty and blessings of doing passion God’s way.

She is a woman with no regrets who has personally experienced the contentment and peace, dignity and beauty, freedom and abundant blessings her purity brought to her marriage. If purity can bring us all of those things, should we not consider it for our own hearts and our relationships? 

Prayer: Lord God, because of Your great love for me my soul has been purified. Because of the inseparable love of Jesus, I have been sealed as Your very own for all eternity. My heart knows Your love is a strong and powerful force that is enduring and pure. Lord, I want to love like you — selflessly and completely. I want my relationship with my husband to be a pure reflection of the beauty of Your love. Help me to guard myself against any thoughts or actions or emotions that are impure. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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