Matched Desire

Whitney Capps

Day: 24 | Plan: Covenant

Today’s Reading: Song of Songs 7

Song of Songs 7:10 (NIV) “I belong to my beloved, and his desire is for me.”

Not long after my husband and I were married we bumped into a woman that I knew had been interested in him while we were dating. We talked with her and exchanged pleasantries. When we walked away, I felt such immense pride that Chad had chosen me. I didn’t deserve it; she was lovely and kind. But he had chosen me. He was mine, and I was his.

Later that evening driving me home from our date, Chad squeezed my hand and said, “I’m so glad you’re mine.” I don’t know what he was thinking when he said that. Maybe he was thinking about what could have been. I know I was. What if he hadn’t chosen me? What if tonight I had bumped into him with her? At that moment I was overwhelmed with gratitude.

I belonged to him, and his desire was for me. 

This is what the husband and wife are experiencing in Song of Songs 7. We see the couple profess their love and desire for one another. It is unbridled, passionate and explicit.

God’s design was for a husband and wife to have a holy lust for one another. Sex is the physical act of love and intimacy. Their love for each other is matched in intensity and fidelity; they delight in one another, desire one another and bring one another joy. This is a picture of healthy and robust marital love, to both love and long for one another. The husband longs for his wife and the wife longs to satisfy his desire. She says that her heart is his and that his desire (or affections) is set on her.

Perhaps you know the pain and heartache of one-sided affection. Maybe you feel like you love deeply, but your desire or devotion isn’t matched by your spouse. Song of Songs is a picture of what love can be, and when it is not, what we can pray it might become. 

Song of Songs 7 shows us a picture of equal devotion between husband and wife. Some of us may know the joy of loving and being loved. But many spouses would have to say, “I belong to my beloved, but his/her desire is not for me.” Maybe you don’t know if your spouse still loves you. Perhaps your heart aches with unmet desire and affection. Remember that some themes of Song of Songs give us a glimpse of Christ’s love for us, the Church, His bride. 

Sadly, all of us at one time or another, have not matched Christ’s affection for us. Though we have not always returned the devotion that He has for us, He loves us deeply, passionately and without restraint. Maybe Christ’s unwavering love for you can stir your perseverance and love for your spouse. But certainly, being reminded how deeply He loves us will stir us to deepen our love for Him in return. 

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank You for the example of true, matched devotion and desire. We give You thanks for spouses who love us the way we long to be loved. As a community, we pray for singles who may long for this kind of devotion. Father, give them the desire of their hearts. Together we pray for spouses who are not loved equally, whose hearts feel the sting of rejection or ambivalence. Help us to love and be faithful even when our spouses don’t return our devotion. May we be the picture of this kind of love. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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