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Are You Willing to be Scattered?

Krista Williams

Day: 9 | Plan: Acts

Today's Reading: Acts 8

Acts 8:4 (NIV) “Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.”

The stoning of Stephen led to a widespread outbreak of persecution and the ringleader was Saul. Saul was on a mission to destroy the church. (Acts 8:3) But the more he tried, the more the gospel spread. The persecuted Christians scattered throughout Judea and Samaria and planted seeds of the gospel everywhere they went

Saul was hunting them down, but they would not halt from preaching the Word. The bad things that happened to these believers served only to advance the truth about Jesus. They used the difficulties they encountered as divine appointments to keep sharing—no matter where they went.

Are you willing to be scattered for Jesus? So often it is easier for you and me to play it safe and stick with what is comfortable and convenient. Isn’t it? Whether scattered by work or education or family or any other means, God is presenting us with an opportunity to share Jesus. Despite the difficulties or challenges we face right now, we can choose to share Jesus. These early believers did.

Nothing is wasted with God. Unforeseen and even unfortunate circumstances are all opportunities to share Jesus when your heart is yielded to Him. (Romans 8:28) 

As the gospel expands from Jerusalem to Samaria, Philip plays a vital part in this first great missionary outreach as the chief evangelist. This was a very bold thing for Philip to do because there was a very deep-seated and long-standing attitude of hatred between the Jews and the Samaritans. It was an unusual time of blessing and revival in Samaria. Huge crowds gathered to listen to Philip preach. Many put their faith in Jesus as a result of Philip’s message and ministry. (Acts 8:5-6; 12) 

Philip was in an important place, doing good work, reaching many for Christ. His ministry was valuable, and he seemed to be utterly indispensable. That’s when an angel of the Lord said to Philip, “Go south to the road—the desert road—that goes down from Jerusalem to Gaza” (Acts 8:26b). 

I might have said, “Really, Lord?! Right now? A life-changing and authentic ministry is happening right here! Are you sure? You want me to leave this major revival and go down a remote road? A desert road away from the crowds? That doesn’t make sense to me.” 

Not Philip. When he received this call to go, he did what God told him to do. And there, on that desert road, Philip met an Ethiopian eunuch and shared the gospel with him one-on-one.

Philip’s goal was simply to share the gospel wherever he went and to whomever God sent him. Is that your goal? Persecuted or applauded. With many or just one. You and I should be alert and available to share the gospel with unlikely people in unlikely places.

People are waiting to hear the good news about Jesus right where you are heading today. We just have to listen to God’s leading and be willing to share wherever He scatters us.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Your ways are higher than my ways. You know all things and You know exactly the plans and purposes You have for me today. Even in the pain and even when the purpose seems unclear, thank You for being near. Keep me alert and listening to Your lead. Make me more like Philip today and give me the courage to share Jesus wherever You send me and with whomever You place in my path. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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