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Accepting Correction Gracefully

Wendy Pope

Day: 20 | Plan: Acts

Today's Reading: Acts 18

Acts 18:24 (NIV) “Meanwhile a Jew named Apollos, a native of Alexandria, came to Ephesus. He was a learned man, with a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures.”

Apollos was an evangelist, a leader in the early Church, and a true student of the Scriptures. On this particular day he was speaking with eloquence and fervor to an awestruck crowd. Among the multitude were tentmakers and the first known married missionaries, Aquila and Priscilla. After hearing Apollos’ sermon, the couple invited him into their home so they could explain the “way of God” more adequately to him.

This scene makes me chuckle. The older married couple approaches the young whipper-snapper to say, “What a fine sermon. However, you got a few things mixed up. Why don’t you come over to our house so we can help you out?”

I can remember a time or two in my youth and naivety when someone more mature pulled me aside to share and enlighten me on the errors of my ways. Let’s face it, sometimes we need someone to pull us aside and teach us "more accurately." We can never be too learned to learn.

What wonderful examples of mentors we see in Priscilla and Aquila! They heard the zeal and power in Apollos' message. They witnessed his charisma and the influence he had on his captive audience. Then with wisdom and true grace they waited until he was finished speaking before approaching him.

There is always someone we can teach and there is always someone we can learn from. If given the opportunity to be a Priscilla, Aquila or Apollos, I hope I will follow their example: offer what I know with grace and wisdom, accept what I don't know with humility. 

Prayer: Lord, help me to receive correction with grace. Send loving people my way to help me become a better and more effective Christian. I want to live a life worthy of my calling and may need the help of others wiser than me to do so. In Jesus’ name, amen.

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