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What is it?

Experience Guides are printed (or digital) books designed to accompany your study of Scripture in the First 5 app. They include daily study questions for each chapter, culture and historical backgrounds, beautifully designed verses and more. You can use it as a standalone study, or as an accompanying guide to the daily content within the First 5 mobile app.

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The Book of Daniel: Holding Firm in the Face of Fear

Daniel: Holding Firm in the Face of Fear

Come alongside us in the First 5 app as we study Daniel.

We’ve all faced seasons of life where the future seems so unknown. We don’t understand how God’s plan for our life is going to unfold, and oftentimes, it’s difficult to have faith in His goodness. Just like us, Daniel experienced these same emotions. The Experience Guide will help you take your study even further.

Study ends October 6

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