More Moments About Ruth 4:13-22

Nicki Koziarz

While Ruth’s life was redeemed through this story, so was Naomi’s. Losing a husband or a child is one of the worst things a woman can encounter. Unlike today when a woman can have a career, goals and dreams, during these days a woman’s family was her career, goal and dreams. And so, because Naomi lost Elimelek, Mahlon and Kilion, it was no wonder she came marching into Bethlehem full of bitterness. (Ruth 1:20) She felt like her identity was gone.

Had Ruth not stuck beside Naomi, who knows how Naomi’s life would have turned out? 

But because Ruth did stay beside her, Naomi was able to have a son again, Boaz. And her dreams of being a grandmother became a reality through the birth of Obed. It says in Ruth 4 that she held and cared for Obed. And I bet it was one of the sweetest moments of her life when she held that baby boy for the first time. (Ruth 4:16) 

Such a sweet reminder that God will take not only our brokenness and turn it into blessings, but His blessings for us can also flow into the lives of those around us.

Major Moment: Boaz and Ruth are married and have a son.

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