More Moments About 2 Samuel 24

Krista Williams

The land David purchased and built an altar on was no ordinary piece of property. It was Mount Moriah, the historical site where Abraham went to offer Isaac to the Lord, and God provided a ram as a substitute. (Genesis 22:2, 13-14) This site would be the place where David’s son, Solomon, would eventually build the temple of God. (2 Chronicles 3:1)

But even more significant than all of that, it would be on this same set of hills where Jesus would die on the cross. David would pay personally for his sin on the very piece of property where one day Jesus would pay for our sins.

This significant site is a place of sacrifice and substitution, where mercy and judgment meet. It’s the only place where the pestilence of the plague of sin is averted. And it’s where repentant sinners, like David, find forgiveness.

2 Samuel 24:24-25

1 Chronicles 21:26-27 

Major Moment: The Lord’s anger burns against the Israelites. David enrolls more men to fight and builds an altar to God. God removes the plague from the land of Israel.

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